Wo Chang

Digital Data Advisor


Mr. Chang is Digital Data Advisor for the NIST Information Technology Laboratory (ITL). His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, promoting a vital and growing Big Data community at NIST with external stakeholders in commercial, academic, and government sectors. Mr. Chang currently chairs the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 42(Artificial Intelligence)/WG 2 Working Group on Big Data, IEEE Big Data Governance and Metadata Management, NIST Big Data Public Working Group, and NIST representative to the ISO/IEC AI standards development. Prior to joining ITL Office, Mr. Chang was manager of the Digital Media Group in ITL and his duties included overseeing several key projects including digital data, long-term preservation and management of EHRs, motion image quality, and multimedia standards. In the past, Mr. Chang was the Deputy Chair for the US National Body for MPEG (INCITS L3.1) and chaired several other key projects for MPEG, including MPQF, MAF, MPEG-7 Profiles and Levels, and co-chaired the JPEG Search project. Mr. Chang was one of the original members of the W3C's SMIL WG and developed one of the SMIL reference software. Furthermore, Mr. Chang also participated in the Research Data Alliance for data infrastructure related WGs, HL7 and ISO/IEC TC215 for health informatics and IETF for the protocols development of SIP, RTP/RTPC, RTSP, and RSVP networking protocols. Mr. Chang's research interests include, Open Data, FAIR Data, Big Data, big data analytics, big data quality, AI Data, machine learning, deep learning, high performance and cloud computing, content metadata description, digital file formats, multimedia synchronization, digital data preservation, and Internet protocols.