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Building a Modern Government Data Lake for Scalable Analytics and AI

May 13, 2020

9:50 AM - 10:10 AM

Howard Levenson

General Manager and Regional Vice President

Databricks Federal, LLC

The Government was one of the first adopters of large scale data analytics. But these early investments have resulted in legacy systems, where data is isolated in silos, making federation impossible, and limiting the value of analytics. Many agencies have tried to mitigate this by replicating data across data warehouses, but this results in higher costs, governance, and versioning issues. The solution is a modern data lake in the cloud.

During this virtual session we will address the big questions and provide practical best practices:

  • How do we do this securely, reliably, and efficiently in the cloud?
  • How can we create a single source of truth?
  • How do we provide the data pipelines and tooling for BI, analytics and machine learning?
  • How are other government agencies addressing these questions today?

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