Henry Sowell

CIO and Technical Director, Solutions Engineering


CIO and Technical Director, Solutions Engineering | Cloudera, 2015 – Present

HENRY SOWELL is a multifaceted executive with more than 15 years of experience across information technology, consulting, and leadership, with specialization in data analytics, big data, and visualization. Analytical and strategic by nature, he is passionate about identifying and tackling problems—putting all the pieces together to find a solution. With a background in the public and private sector, Henry has been exposed to a variety of environments, people, and challenges.

Henry’s diverse career spans three phases. First, as a combat veteran in the US Marine Corps, he served in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with the “V” device, the fourth-highest U.S. military decoration for heroism in combat. During which time he acquired unparalleled leadership skills. Amid war, Henry witnessed genuine courage which has since shaped much of his professional and personal life.

Following the Marine Corps, Henry joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Leveraging deep technical knowledge, he provided big data industry and counterterrorism consultation, working on some of the world’s most challenging problems. Based on his contributions to critical federal government missions, Henry earned the FBI Director’s Award for Technical Excellence.

Finally, Henry transitioned into the private sector, specifically into the big data industry. At Cloudera, a leading data software provider, he helped establish one of the highest performing teams companywide. Under Henry’s guidance, the organization experienced a paradigm shift focused on resolving critical problems for customers. Among his peers and teams, Henry is recognized as a genuine relationship builder who fosters cross-functional partnerships and galvanizes people around a common goal. He builds coalitions that last and produce long-term results.