Rand Waldron

Vice President, Program Management


Rand Waldron is Vice President of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Product Development. He is responsible for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Global Government Sector team and leading the strategy, development and deployment of Oracle’s Dedicated Region Cloud @ Customer product line. Waldron is focused on ensuring that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure fulfills the unique needs of customers who require complete cloud solutions on their terms: in the premises of their choosing, or meeting government security and process requirements—often disconnected from the internet—without compromising innovation, existing investments and future growth.

Waldron joined Oracle in 2018. Prior to joining Oracle, he was Deputy Assistant Director at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, responsible for the FBI’s enterprise software and data—including investigative and intelligence analytics, records and evidence management, large scale custom software development, and business operations systems. Throughout his career at the FBI, Waldron was responsible for the delivery of many of the Bureau’s most critical systems. He helped drive the FBI’s migration to cloud and he has a unique track record in harnessing technology’s power to enable the national security mission.

Prior to the FBI, Waldron served at the United States Department of Justice. Before his government service, Mr. Waldron founded a startup in the defense sector and was Director of Technology at a venture capital-funded technology company in California.