Dean Pianta

Cloud Director, National Security Group


Mr. Pianta is the Director for Cloud Solutions for the National Securities Group at SAP NS2. He has over 25 years of experience with the design, development, and delivery of solutions for both public and private sectors. Breaking down information stovepipes and improving both customer and employee experiences have been a central theme across solutions for the Public sector.

Mr. Pianta brings extensive subject matter expertise (Talent Development, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and eLearning technology) to his current work with the Dept. of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and the Federal Civilian market. His career spans a broad spectrum of use cases: Marine Corps logistics with a deployment to Somalia, Africa; Commercial Game Development and Government Training & Simulation; Anti-Money Laundering Desktop Fusion; Collaboration and eLearning – architecting, training, and consulting globally; Experience Driven Learning; and now, a focus on the Secure, Intelligent Enterprise.

Mr. Pianta holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from George Mason and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia.