Jason Weiss

Director, Software Modernization


Jason Weiss has an exceptional background in software engineering, cryptology, and computer security dating back to his service in the US Navy as a cryptologist during the first Gulf War. He is the author of Java Cryptography Extensions, published by Morgan-Kaufmann, and co-author or contributor to several other books on distributed computing. He is the sole inventor of the patented Volume Mount Authentication endpoint security algorithm that was eventually integrated into Seagate’s DriveTrust technology, and co-inventor of the Cloud Connected Transponder. In 2000, the NSA recognized Jason as a talented security designer of critical infrastructure protection. He has lectured internationally, including presentations at SD West, Sybase TechWave, Rocky Mountain Java Symposium, AnDevCon (East & West), AWS Summit (Frankfurt, Germany), and various keynotes on NFC and RFID at events like the WIMA European NFC Developers Summit in Monaco. Jason holds a BS in Computer Science and an MA in Intelligence (Information Warfare).