Jeanette Plante

Director, Office of Records Management Policy, Ediscovery, and FOIA

Department of Justice

[pending agency approval]

Jeanette Plante, the Records Officer for the Department of Justice and Director of the Office of Records Management Policy, Ediscovery, and FOIA (ORMP), began her career as a civil litigator in the private sector and then, an Assistant United States Attorney. Next, as a Special Assistant United States Attorney with the Executive Office for United States Attorneys, Ms. Plante worked on civil and technology policy issues such as Civil Justice Reform, privacy, ediscovery, law enforcement electronic information sharing, electronic records and information management, and led the Department’s move to electronic case filing.

Ms. Plante was named as the Director of the newly created Office of Records Management Policy (ORMP) in 2005 and continues to in that capacity and as the Records Officer for the Department of Justice. During her tenure, she has focused on developing and implementing strategies for meeting the statutory, regulatory, and business requirements for managing electronic information. Records and information management (RIM) projects have included the development of DOJ RIM Strategic Plans, identification of critical RIM program elements; development and implementation of policy and tools for a viable RIM governance framework; a departmental business taxonomy; a tool for the Justice Records Control Schedule that supports file plan development, inventory maintenance, and Capstone tracking; a RIM Certification process for systems, services, and applications; and a RIM Maturity Model evaluation tool that serves as the foundation for RIM program assessment across the Department of Justice. ORMP has also developed business requirements for electronic records and RIM policy that ranges from the RIM governance framework, Capstone management, electronic mail and messaging, digitizing and scanning, social media RIM management, and recordkeeping for litigation case files.

She also serves as a member of the DOJ Department of Justice Data Governance Board and the Executive Correspondence Management Governance Board, and continues to develop and implement strategies for RIM program development.