Terry Mitchell

Principal Cyber Advisor

Office of the Under Secretary of the Army

Mr. Terry Mitchell assumed the position as the Principal Cyber Advisor to the Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff on September 15, 2020. Mr. Mitchell is responsible for advising both the SA and CSA on all cyber matters and implementing the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy within the Army. As the PCA, he represents the Secretary at cyber-related senior DoD level forums to include the Cyber and Digital Modernization Monthly Meetings, the Deputy Management Action Group, etc. to inform and advocate for cyberspace activities. He is also responsible for implementing the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy within the Army by coordinating and overseeing the execution of the Army’s policies and programs relevant to Cyber, including certification of the Army’s Budget for Cyber activities.

Prior to his appointment as the Principal Cyber Advisor, Mr. Mitchell was assigned as the Director of the Army G-2 Plans and Integration Directorate since January 1, 2015. He lead the development of policy and plans and set conditions to meet or exceed anticipated Army Intelligence manning, equipping, training, resourcing, and readiness requirements. He oversaw the functional management of the signals intelligence, geospatial intelligence, open source intelligence, and measurement and signatures intelligence disciplines. He led Army Intelligence initiatives to identify, exploit, and field new intelligence capabilities from across the military, agencies, academia, and industry, to enable their assessment, acquisition, and integration into the Force. The directorate integrates Army Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance technology across the Army and DoD. He directed the activities of an intelligence-focused science and technology community of interest that brings together members of the Intelligence Community, Military Services, academia, and industry to develop initiatives to assess the military utility and integration of emerging/leading-edge technologies. He oversaw the collaboration and synchronization between the G-2 staff and Army Futures Command.

Before this time with the G-2, Mr. Mitchell served as the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Command and Control in the Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Advanced Systems & Concepts), where he formulated and executed policy, programs and initiatives to promote rapid transition of technologies and enabling operational concepts from applied engineering to field and sustained military capabilities to support joint missions. Programs directed by this office include Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations, Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations, Technology Transition Initiative, Joint Warfare (Experimentation) Program and programs to enhance the Defense industrial base.

Mr. Mitchell retired from the Army in 2001 after an active duty career spanning twenty- seven years. His operational military assignments included duties in multiple Army Military Intelligence Battalions and intelligence centers in the European and Central Command theaters. He also served at the US Army Intelligence Center and School, designing programs of instruction for multidiscipline/multi-echelon intelligence systems. He also completed an assignment in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Operational Test and Evaluation Office, where he was awarded the DoD Military Tester of the Year award for his test strategy and conduct of the Year 2000 (Y2K) Operational Evaluations.