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Building a Trusted ICT Supply Chain

Jan 19, 2021

9:25 AM - 9:50 AM

Mark Montgomery

Executive Director

Cyberspace Solarium Commission Senior Advisor

Dependency on adversary countries for materials in some of our most critical supply chains threatens to undermine the trustworthiness of critical technologies and components that constitute and connect to cyberspace. This dependency also risks impairing the availability of these same critical technologies and components and compromises American and partner competitiveness in global markets in the face of Chinese economic aggression.

To address these and other challenges, the U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission recently released a white paper proposing a five-pillar strategy for securing trusted supply chains for critical ICTs. Solarium Commission Executive Director Mark Montgomery will discuss the Commission's proposed strategy and accompanying recommendations to develop an industrial base strategy, identify key technologies and equipment, and foster public-private partnerships for ICT supply chain risk management.