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Telework 2.0: Virtual Officing in the Post-COVID Era

Mar 24, 2021

10:40 AM - 11:00 AM

Stephen Ellis

Government Solutions Lead



Almost a year ago to the day - virtually overnight - we had to develop new collaboration and communication methods to continue operations effectively and maintain the mission.

Though the script was untested, and the processes took a while to get working, we witnessed successful mission execution across the Federal government - we even saw some areas increase productivity.

Today, as we write the second chapter of our telework-driven IT transformation – we have the luxury of time to plan, visualize, and formalize how we move from telework to a hybrid strategy of virtual-officing and return to the office.  We have an unprecedented opportunity to redefine how our missions are executed, and how we can continue to collaborate across workgroups, divisions and agencies for challenges that are nation-critical.

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