2 minutes
Welcome and Event Overview
Steve LeSueur [Executive Host]
Contributing Editor, 1105 Public Sector Media Group
42 minutes
Session 1: Opening Keynote
Putting Data-Driven Analysis to Work for Government Results
Corporate Research Fellow, Geographic Information Science and Technology Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Department of Energy
42 minutes
Session 2: Morning Keynote
Data Analytics for Government: Taking an Enterprise Approach
Vice President and Director, Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute, DHS FFRDC
Technology Briefings
20 minutes
Analyze and Visualize Big Data—Technology Options
Vice President, Government Solutions, Adobe
Unlocking Value from Big Data
Director, Strategic Planning for Big Data, IS&GS, Lockheed Martin
26 minutes
Business Unit Executive, IBM Platform Computing
Transforming Big Data into Actionable Data with In-Memory Analytics
Vice President, Software AG Government Solutions
20-26 minutes
New Perspectives on Big Data

Director, Database and Technology Solutions Engineering, SAP
Strategies to Analyze and Access Mission-Essential Data
Business Development Manager, Intel Corporation
23-26 minutes
Practical Approaches and Techniques for Big Data Infrastructure
Chief Architect and Strategist, Cisco
Turning Big Data Into A Compelling Visual Story with Data Visualization
Federal Government Manager, Tableau Software
43 minutes
Session 8: Defense Keynote
Moving from Data to Decision to Deployment—U.S. Army Approach
Division Chief and Program Director, Army Enterprise Management Decision Support (EMDS) Program Office
47 minutes
Session 9: Plenary Session
Bringing Clarity to Data Clutter: Agency Viewpoints
Director, Office of Web Management, U.S. Energy Information Administration
Steven Hernandez
Chief Information Security Officer and Director, Information Assurance, Office of Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services
Portfolio Manager, Immigration and Enforcement, Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute, MITRE
Research Scientist, Information Technology Division, Naval Research Lab
Doug Mashkuri [Moderator]
Vice President, GovLoop

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