Public sector organizations are accumulating data at an unprecedented pace. As a result, they have the potential to use these burgeoning data stores to derive actionable intelligence, spot trends, and tailor services to meet evolving constituent demands. Increasingly, data scientists are using big data to correlate event information for decision support, digital forensics, predictive analysis, and implementation of more logical, streamlined operations. On the technology front, the proliferation of social media applications, mobile devices, and secure remote access to distant computing resources is fueling this data abundance. As a result, agencies are challenged to manage and evaluate their information assets.

Watch this virtual presentation to learn how their agency can benefit from using the latest analytical tools in the same way they are employed by commercial enterprises today.

You will learn:

  • How agencies are using data analytics to identify, understand, and deliver better, more relevant public services
  • The opportunities and complexities of managing big data on an enterprise scale
  • How today’s technologies—from in-memory computing to data visualization—are making the previously unthinkable, possible
  • Examples of agency programs to exploit, analyze, and share data to derive actionable results
  • How big data analytics supports government-wide efforts to improve public information availability and transparency
  • Perspectives on big data security models, assessment techniques and automated tools

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