Dr. Jack Collins

Director, Advanced Biomedical Computing Center, National Cancer Institute at Frederick, National Institutes of Health

Department of Health and Human Services

Dr. Collins is the director of the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research. Dr. Collins’ research focuses on biomedical computing applications pertaining to cancer. His research group develops and applies high-performance algorithms to solve data-intensive computational biology problems in the areas of genomic analysis, pattern recognition in proteomics and imaging, molecular modeling, and systems biology.

He received his BA degree in mathematics from Park College with minors in physics, chemistry, and economics. His Ph.D. is in physical chemistry (theoretical chemistry) from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Prior to joining NCI, Dr. Collins worked at SRI International (1985 to 1989) as a research associate and the Molecular Research Institute (1989 to 1992) as director of Computational Biology. Dr. Collins has over 70 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 3 patents. He has given dozens of invited talks and Webinars at international and national meetings and conferences, and serves on numerous review panels and advisory committees.



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