"Big Data" is not a new concept...

 ...for most agencies, but the opportunity to derive valuable and actionable information from analyzing and integrating the data collected by these organizations has expanded exponentially thanks to today’s technologies. From the data center to the desktop, government professionals increasingly are able to integrate and analyze the volume and variety of the enterprise data amass—and few enterprises collect more information than the combined Federal agencies. This FCW Executive Briefing will focus on tools, technologies and management strategies being developed to help government organizations manage and use their data to gain insights, solve problems, spur innovation, and discover valuable business intelligence contained in the big data they are receiving.

Participants who watch this virtual briefing will learn:

  • A overview of big data today and its role in agency decision-support moving ahead
  • How to evaluate available government information assets and how to use what your organization already has on hand
  • What tools are available for data mining and secure access to aggregated data
  • How to engage in collaborative efforts across organizational and agency boundaries by unlocking the power of stove-piped data resources
  • Benefits of access to diverse, immense data networks and how to protect them
  • Real-world initiatives underway to exploit big data for practical, mission-driven purposes
  • A survey of analytical and technological tools available to support agency programs to integrate evolving information collection and processing strategies

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