Ron Bechtold

Adjunct Research Staff Member

Institute for Defense Analyses

Ron Bechtold is a researcher for Institute for Defense Analyses, a Federally Funded Research and Development Center. Ron spends much of his time working with Pentagon customers, and focuses on the technology, process and organizational drivers of transformation. His more recent work involves assessing the Defense Industrial Base readiness to implement new cyber security requirements required by DFARS 7012 and developing a roadmap for United States Air Force to establish an IT asset baseline.

Ron has worked in broad range of strategic, planning, development and operations functions before joining IDA in 2014. He held several executive positions in Department of Defense, was the Department of Army’s first Chief Data Officer and enterprise architect where he built a reputation for running government IT as a business. In his last government assignment as Chief Information Officer supporting the Office Secretary of Defense, Ron drove major SECDEF initiatives to consolidate IT across the OSD staff. He managed an operating budget of $240 annually and implemented IT efficiencies reducing operating costs by 40 percent without any service disruptions; consolidated 22 IT baselines into a single standard; and reduced IT vulnerability from 78 per desktop to an average of 2. He chaired the Pentagon CIO governance council overseeing the modernization and innovation program to close operational IT gaps for 40,000 Pentagon customers.

Ron has more than 40 years of experience in information technology operations, development, support and management including positions at US Army, Europe Command and Office Secretary of Defense.