Consulting Conversations

BMC was pleased to offer attendees the opportunity to participate at Consulting Conversation Tables, where BMC leaders and consultants listened to attendees’ digital transformation challenges and offer strategic guidance.

By participating in these roundtable discussions, attendees received best practices and insights into innovation and modernization across the agency enterprise.

Topics Include:

  • Digital Workplace & Service Management Excellence
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    The Digital Workplace is where people, processes, technology, and the organization converge to improve agility, productivity, and engagement. It's a workplace where government employees can find the same consumer-oriented experiences they enjoy in their personal lives, with one-stop-shopping for the technology tools they need to deliver the mission effortlessly. Service Management Excellence is how IT organizations must adapt to changing agency priorities, deliver the intuitive experience to end users all while reducing cost, minimizing risk, ensuring compliance and continually enhancing security. Where is your agency in the journey to accomplish these IT outcomes critical to achieving mission delivery?
  • IT Optimization
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    Digital business has led to a more complex enterprise IT infrastructure for the Government. Although complex, this array of IT infrastructure enables Federal agencies to use the right infrastructure for delivering digital services to constituents. Speed and agility must be balanced with cost. Meeting agency’s digital demands is the key to serving American taxpayers and creating loyalty. IT leaders that fail to plan, manage, and optimize their infrastructure resources are at risk of being unable to scale resources up and down as needed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. How is your agency optimizing? What barriers are disrupting the process?
  • Multi-Cloud
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    Government agencies are increasingly turning to the cloud for the agility, scale, and operating flexibility that they need to create more adaptable, digital operations for mission delivery. However, inside organizations, agency staff users, developers, and application teams frequently go around IT (shadow IT) to get the cloud services they need faster than IT can deliver. Does your agency need help leveraging the cloud while maintaining the control, automation, and security necessary to manage risk, reduce cost, and optimize performance?
  • SecOps
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    SecOps is the seamless collaboration between IT Security and IT Operations to effectively mitigate risk. Timing to address threats is impacted by your teams’ ability to prioritize and remediate critical vulnerabilities, and systematically address compliance violations. How seamlessly are IT Security and IT Operations functioning in responding to IT threats at your agency?

If you are interested in learning more about the Consulting Conversation Tables, please contact us at: [email protected].