Mika Cross

Director of Strategic Communications, Digital and Public Engagement for the Veterans' Employment and Training Service

Department of Labor

Mika is highly regarded as a thought leader for flexible and transformational workplace practices and is regularly featured as a professional speaker at industry events. On behalf of the White House, National Security Council (NSC) and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) agencies have invited Mika to contribute to the “Workforce of 2020” strategy session to develop a new model for vetting current and future Federal employees. In 2014, Mika was selected as a President’s Management Council Interagency Fellow at OPM. She worked on government-wide projects affecting culture, process change, and helped create an online Employee Engagement Community of Practice (eCOP) within OPM’s interactive dashboard (the Unlocking Federal Talent data tool at unlocktalent.gov). The eCOP is targeted for Senior Executive Management to help Federal agencies collect and use data to create a more engaged workplace.

Mika works for the Labor Department’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS) as the lead for its strategic communications, digital and public engagement team. As an Army veteran who served both as an enlisted soldier and an officer and a career Federal #gamechanger who has worked all across the Federal government, she brings a unique and broad perspective to the communications and engagement efforts she leads.