Tom Cochran

Chief Digital Strategist & VP of Public Sector


Tom Cochran recently joined Acquia as the Chief Digital Strategist and VP of Public Sector. He arrived there after spending over four years in the Obama administration as a digital leader. Most recently, he was in a Deputy Assistant Secretary role at the State Department running their global digital public diplomacy platforms (e.g., U.S. embassy websites, American Spaces). He also worked at the White House running digital technology and led the team that built the We the People' petitions platform. In the private sector, he spent a couple years as the CTO for Atlantic Media (i.e., The Atlantic, Quartz, GovExec, National Journal brands) and he was the first person hired by Blue State Digital (Obama campaign's digital team), spending a few years engineering the early applications that would grow into the robust digital platform, helping the President raise $1.2 billion online in two election cycles.