What a difference three years make.

Federal Government enterprises are focused on IT transformation many believed unthinkable when the first official strategy for cloud computing was announced by the Federal CIO.  Today, cloud-based applications and storage are being implemented across agencies and hosted computing is deemed a critical component to sustainable, affordable, and flexible future infrastructures.  Data center consolidation, virtualization, mobile strategies, big data analysis, and fortified cybersecurity combine to make cloud computing options and opportunities compelling for government organizations as they continue to focus on maximizing investments in technology, delivering better quality services, and ensuring the security and privacy of the information they manage. 

View the virtual presentation which assesses the state of the collective efforts of government agencies to create a truly Digital Government, envisioned as a “21st Century Platform to Better Serve the American People.”

You will Learn:

  • How agencies are implementing cloud computing to improve operational efficiency
  • What is normalized now and what is still uncertain or unproven in the cloud arena
  • Primary drivers for expanding cloud adoption—budgets, networking capacity, mobile device use, Federal mandates, and more
  • How agencies compare to industry counterparts in terms of IT evolution
  • The implications of converging technologies, including cloud computing, virtualization, on-demand networking and storage
  • Next-generation approaches to agency computing and preferred platforms for 2014
  • Mitigating risk and managing IT while leveraging the benefits of hosted computing alternatives
  • Predictions for Federal IT progress in GFY2014 and priority concerns for the advancement of cloud implementation

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