Richard Cespiva

Assistant Professor, Cyber, Information and Integrated Operations Department, National Defense University, iCollege

Richard Cespiva began his professorship at The National Defense University, iCollege in February 2011. In this position, he teaches in a variety of information security and information operations courses and is the information operations department lead for the iCollege. Prior to teaching at the iCollege, Mr. Cespiva served as the Director of Computer Systems and Services for Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation in the Office of the SECDEF from 2009 through 2011 supporting the budgetary systems and analysts who develop the $3T DoD Future Years Defense Program. Additionally Mr. Cespiva has served as the Officer In Charge, Network Vulnerability Assessments for the 92nd Information Operations Squadron at Lackland AFB in 2007 as well as the Officer in Charge, Network Control Center, 37th Communications Squadron, Lackland AFB in 2005. Mr. Cespiva is also a PhD candidate in Information Assurance writing his dissertation on access control and identity management.


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