When in recent memory has there been more focus on understanding insider threats, and how to better protect information and computing resources from malicious actors inside the network? Most organizations combat an array of threats posed by authorized users, from IT sabotage, to theft of intellectual property, to outright fraud. Often, these criminal behaviors are carried out by those entrusted to protect the systems they use for their jobs and they use to steal, destroy, or modify valuable information.

Watch this program to hear from cybersecurity experts on trends and techniques to contain insider threat access, damage, and consequences of unauthorized use of agency resources during this timely program.

You will learn:

  • How to take a realistic approach to evaluating and detecting insider threats
  • What agency information and assets are most at risk—and who wants them
  • The latest methods to limit unauthorized access to or disclosure of personally-identifiable information (PII)
  • Real-world digital forensics scenarios—where CSI ends and reality begins
  • Current technologies for mitigating cyber-risk and improving security compliance
  • Applied digital forensics—helping agencies understand threat landscapes
  • How to use agency INFOSEC experience for more effective incident response

Watch this presentation to ensure you understand not only the latest technologies and methods preferred by trusted insiders, but also to learn about advances in digital forensics and cyber incident response that will help your organization address these situations when they occur.


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