Cybersecurity Policy and Practice Updates - and What's Driving Them

As Federal agencies become more experienced with fighting cyber-attacks, their methods for disarming insider threats and external adversaries are becoming more sophisticated. Increasingly IT security professionals are able to assign appropriate risk protection based on the value of the data they need to defend and to continuously monitor systems to verify compliance with Federal law and other security policies. In parallel, the National Institute of Standards and Technology is updating critical security guidance, including the Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations (NIST SP 800-53, Rev 4), expected for release in early 2013 with significant changes to past guidance.

View this virtual seminar to learn:

  • Trends for global risk management in threat-intensive environments
  • What Federal organizations are doing to become increasingly prepared to detect and mitigate cyber-attacks
  • How new security and privacy controls are meant to support agency compliance and management of Federal information
  • Strategies for leveraging the latest tools and techniques to protect data, control access, and simplify security management
  • How data analysis of successful attacks can be used to fortify security operations and replace traditionally more reactive response strategies

Register now to understand the latest Federal cybersecurity guidance and how the cybersecurity landscape is changing the way agencies manage their INFOSEC programs to protect information, control access, and streamline their operating environments.

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