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On March 2nd, FCW held its first Citizen Engagement Summit focused on best practices in putting in place the organizational structures needed across agencies, from building teams and developing strategies to managing processes, people, and politics. Federal and industry leaders discussed how to leverage the unique capabilities of digital services to shift scarce IT budget dollars from operations and maintenance to innovation, making it possible to deliver a new generation of services.

If you missed the Summit, you can download the summary report and review additional content assets to learn more about this important topic.

Create a Digital Services-Oriented Culture

Government agency leaders know there are many reasons why government services aren’t as effective and efficient as possible. The lack of information-sharing, outdated tools and unreliable systems, monolithic practices and stakeholder-centered design are all contributing factors. The situation is changing, though, thanks to the U.S. Digital Service, the GSA’s 18F digital services agency, and the U.S. Digital Services Playbook. All these initiatives are helping create a culture of change. Read the full summary here.

Leverage Technology to Improve Citizen Engagement and Services

The Federal government is striving to improve citizen engagement and services. A recent survey from GovDelivery found 82 percent of public sector respondents consider improving the citizen experience as a top priority in 2016. Agencies are making that happen through organizations like the Digital Government Service and 18F. Effectively making these changes requires investing. Read the full summary here.

Creativity and Innovation: The Key to Transforming Government

Transforming government agencies to provide automated, easy-to-use services will take more than simply digitizing processes. Agencies must be willing to take risks and try new things while adhering to the principles of user-first, agile development, open systems, DevOps and an API-oriented architecture. Throughout the Federal government, agencies are finding ways to foster creativity and innovation. This is an important part of the cultural shift that must occur to transform government. Read the full summary here.

Look Inward with Digital Transformation

When transforming government through digital services, the idea is to make them simpler, faster and more intuitive. Besides transforming important citizen-facing processes, agencies must work on internal processes that affect its employees’ efficiency and effectiveness. Internal processes are essential to digital transformation throughout federal agencies. Read the full summary here. Read the full article here.

Digital Transformations in Government: Lessons Learned

Federal agencies are learning important lessons as they dive into digital services. The five major lessons learned include:

  • Define the problem correctly
  • Involve everyone in the process
  • Take calculated risks
  • Listen to both citizens and employees
  • A prototype is worth 1,000 meetings

Read the full summary here.

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