Patrick J. Lorge

Rear Admiral, USN, retired

Viceroy Enterprises, LLC

Admiral Lorge retired from the Navy after 34 years of service. During that time, he created the Navy’s first and second nodes of the Smart Shore Domain; a cyber-secure & accredited command and control system which allows the monitoring and control of industrial and business control systems and physical security systems. This operational awareness system increases physical safety and cyber security; reduces operating costs; conserves resources (energy, gas, water); and protects personnel and systems from cyber intrusion.

As a Flag Officer, he commanded Navy Region Southwest and was the 87th Commandant of Naval District Washington. He began his career as a fighter pilot, flying the F-14 TOMCAT. As Maintenance Officer of VF-101, he oversaw the maintenance of over 60 F-14 aircraft. Following that assignment, he transitioned to the FA-18 HORNET where commanded VFA-25, The Fist of the Fleet. He then oversaw the ship’s force portion of the aircraft carrier NIMITZ’ refueling complex overhaul. Prior to his selection to Flag he commanded Naval Air Station Oceana and was FIFTH FLEET Chief of Staff.

He currently runs a consulting firm which advises people in strategic planning and in the field of security and information systems integration. He graduated the United States Naval Academy with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.