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Download this eBook to learn what you missed at FCW's Face-to-Face event held on August 19th in Washington, DC.

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation program inaugurated a new era of cybersecurity in government.

The goal of the program, which is being rolled out in three phases, is to help agencies systematically improve the security of their networks and systems, providing not only technical guidance but also easy and affordable access to the necessary cybersecurity tools. However, while the overall structure of the program is straightforward, the execution can be complex.

This eBook addresses several key topics on CDM:

  • How to implement the CDM program at your agency
  • Preparing for the second and third phases of your program
  • How to leverage your program to improve your organization's overall cybersecurity posture

Featured Speakers:

  • Paul Grassi
  • Senior Standards and Technology Advisor, National Institute of Standards and Technology
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    Paul Grassi is the Senior Standards and Technology Advisor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He joined NIST in June, 2014 to advance and accelerate the development and adoption of identity related standards and technologies needed to implement the identity ecosystem envisioned in the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC).

    Mr. Grassi comes to NIST with a broad background of technology and management consulting, and significant experience developing enterprise security strategies and systems, having served a range of Fortune 500 companies, as well as domestic and foreign governments. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo.

  • Chris Hamm
  • Director, GSA Assisted Acquisition Service, FEDSIM
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    Chris Hamm is the Director for GSA FEDSIM, a fee for service acquisition and project management organization. Chris’s organization manages over $7 billion in information technology and professional service contracts. Chris has 15 years of experience in managing complex acquisitions and project deliver. Chris is a frequent speaker at conferences and panels on the subjects of performance based contracting, information technology service level agreements, and the agile acquisition. Chris was recognized as one of the “FED100” by Federal Computer Week. Chris was the Government Chair for the 2013 ACT IAC Partners Program.

    Chris hails from Harrisburg, PA. He attended Elon University in North Carolina, majoring in Political Science. Chris obtained a Masters Degree in Public Administration at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He was selected to the Presidential Management Internship Program in 1999. Chris is married to Julia Hamm, the CEO of the Solar Electric Power Association. Chris & Julia have two young children – Nathan and Alexa.

  • Sean Lyngaas
  • Correspondent, FCW
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    Sean Lyngaas is the Pentagon correspondent for FCW, where he covers cybersecurity, defense IT and intelligence issues. Prior to that, he was a reporter and editor for Smart Grid Today, the utility industry's journal of record. He has reported for The Atlantic, The Economist and The Washington Diplomat, among other outlets. He is former chair of the Young Members Committee at the National Press Club. Sean earned his B.A. from Duke University and his M.A. from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University.

  • Jim Quinn
  • Lead System Engineer CDM Program, Department of Homeland Security
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    Mr. Quinn currently serves as the Lead System Engineer for the CDM program for Department of Homeland Security, where he is the primary technical point of contact for the $6B CDM BPA and the CDM Dashboard contract.

    Prior to this position, he served as Deputy CTO for the NPPD OCIO, after being the Deputy CISO for DHS Enterprise Services (to include both the OneNet and the DHS Data Centers). Much of the work in the Enterprise Service space combined driving cost efficiencies with providing strong security outcomes.

    He original came to DHS in 2002 as the Senior Engineer/Architect for the IT Services Organization supporting the DHS Office of the CIO. He had been the key designer of almost all of the major IT services offered by the Department.

    Before joining Homeland Security, Mr. Quinn had over thirty years of experience in the network and system development space. He had been the Director of IP development for Alcatel for service provider class routers, the Director of Quality Engineering for Cabletron, Technical Director for multiple groups during his twenty year career at Digital Equipment Corporation.

    Before joining Digital, Mr. Quinn was on the faculty of the State University of Albany as the Academic Services lead for research where he incorporated many new technologies into the University Academic programs as well as the development of computer tools and methods in support of research programs being performed on campus. He served in the US Army as an Operations Research/System Analyst working on determining cost effectiveness for future artillery weapon systems.

    Mr. Quinn hold a B.Sc. (Honours) in Theoretical Mathematics with a minor in Research Methods from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia and has received recognition from: International Who’s Who in Information Technology, Who’s Who in Global Business Leaders, and Who’s Who in America, GISLA (2013) and NextGov Bold (2014).

  • Jeff Wagner
  • Director of Security Operations, US Office of Personnel Management
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    Jeff Wagner is a former Navy Seal where he obtained a very personal and profound appreciation for the security of our nation’s most precious assets; the American people and the critical infrastructure that enables and ensures our way of life. After leaving the Navy he became fascinated by our country’s reliance on technology and, combined with his intrinsic commitment to national security, he intuitively understood the threats technology poses to nearly every aspect of American life. This realization has inspired the direction his personal and professional life has followed for over 20 years.

    From initially assessing information systems back in the early ‘90’s with basic auditing techniques for compliance, he quickly moved into the more technical realm of penetration testing; taking a practical and operational approach to the real nuts and bolts of IT security. Mr. Wagner has a comprehensive and deep understanding of the scope of threats information systems are exposed to and he appreciates the necessity of a multi-faceted approach to security that requires competent and trustworthy people, reliable and effective security technology and processes and procedures to marry those assets into a unified proactive and common sense approach.

    In 2010, Mr. Wagner brought his deep understanding, comprehensive approach and tireless enthusiasm to the US Office of Personnel Management where, with the help of a supportive CIO (thank you Donna!), has transformed an agency struggling with basic compliance into an organization that is leading the way in proactive IT security. Through his constant dedication to operational security and collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, the OPM IT Security team has received awards and letters of appreciation from the White House, CIO counsel, DHS and others. His ongoing commitment to securing our nation’s precious information and critical assets continues to inspire him to constantly seek out new solutions, new technology and innovative approaches.

  • Shawn Wells
  • Director, Innovation Programs, Red Hat
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    Shawn Wells is the director of Innovation Programs within Red Hat’s North American Public Sector organization, where he works on improving the process of adopting, contributing to, and managing open source technologies within the U.S. Government. Prior to this role, Shawn worked internationally, leading Red Hat’s System z team to bring Linux to the mainframe. Formerly an NSA civilian, Shawn worked under the S3 division, developing open source SIGINT collection systems for high-powered cell phones (HPCP).

  • Kevin Corbett
  • Director of Federal Sales, CyberArk
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    Mr. Corbett joined CyberArk in 2011. The majority of his 25 year career has been spent providing information and mission assurance solutions to the U.S. government in both technical and sales roles. In addition to the current set of CyberArk privileged account security solutions, Mr. Corbett has provided and supported Type 1 and Type 3 encryption hardware, vulnerability assessment tools, hardware security modules and dedicated cryptographic ASICs for hardware acceleration and higher levels of assurance for cryptographic protocols. Mr. Corbett holds a bachelor's degree from Towson University.

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