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Most federal agencies, without realizing it, have already done half the work of developing Internet of Things-based applications.

That is to say that they have fielded innumerable connected devices that are gathering or generating data. Now the task is to put in place the policies, processes and technologies to leverage that data, making it possible to gain new insights into their operations or to develop a new class of services.

Much work needs to be done. On the one hand, agencies need to gain a better understanding of the data they are collecting and how to convert that into intelligence. IoT is not a solution itself but rather a concept that can be applied to develop solutions in any number of fields—from asset and supply chain management to natural resource management, facilities management, and national security.

On the other, they need to develop the infrastructure to make IoT applications effective and secure. Experts speak of an IoT ecosystem that stretches from the devices and processing power at the edge to the compute, analytic and management capabilities in the data center.

This event will bring together subject matter experts from government and industry to help agencies begin to develop their IoT playbook.

Potential topics to be addressed include:

  • Emerging IoT use cases in the public sector
  • Current and emerging IoT-related standards and guidelines
  • Operational and device-related security concerns
  • The role of AI in IoT
  • Infrastructure considerations
  • The application of mobile device management to IoT-based solutions
  • The Internet of Things vs. the Network of Things

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