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Consider the Cloud First

Download this event overview to learn what you missed at FCW’s Face-to-Face event held on March 26th in Washington, DC.

For more than three years, Federal agencies have been encouraged to consider the Cloud First. Although cloud computing is expanding across government enterprises, there are a few fundamental considerations that surface in nearly every discussion on the topic. As with most new technology implementations, security is an over-arching concern, and the cloud is no exception to this norm. There is another area, however, that often gives agency professionals greater angst, and that is how to purchase cloud services, applications, storage, and related capabilities. Although hosted computing has been an option for Federal agencies for years, the broader cloud-based products available today are without precedent when it comes to acquisition strategies.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Day
  • Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Integrated Technology Services, Federal Acquisition Service, General Services Administration
  • Michael McFarland
  • Director, Office of Acquisition Operations, General Services Administration
  • Dr. Terry Raney
  • Senior Vice President and Division Group Manager, Acquisition Support Group, CACI International
    Member, Board of Directors, National Contract Management Association

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