Don Tobin

Senior Security Engineer

National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Don Tobin is a Senior Security Engineer at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The NCCoE collaborates with members of industry, government and academia to build open, standards-based, modular and practical example reference designs that address cybersecurity challenges in key economic sectors. Don’s primary roles are to work with private industry in the transportation sector to identify their major cybersecurity challenges, and work with NCCoE partners to formulate solutions to those challenges.

Don previously led the NOAA Security Operations Center (SOC) to a 24/7 operations workcenter in support of NOAA’s Cyber Security Center. He was also a professor at Fairmont State University for 10 years where he created a computer security undergraduate major and developed coursework for 9 upper-level courses. He is also a retired USAF officer. Don holds bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington and a master’s degrees in computer science from Boston University, and has published several papers in intrusion detection.