Giovanni Onwuchekwa

Giovanni Onwuchekwa

Branch Chief, Programs and Analysis, Office of IT Schedule Programs
Office of Integrated Technology Services
Federal Acquisition Service

U.S. General Services Administration

Mr. Giovanni Onwuchekwa is the Branch Chief, Programs and Analysis for the Office of IT Schedule Programs within the Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS) in GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). The Federal Acquisition Service provides buying platforms and acquisition services to Federal, State and Local governments for a broad range of items from office supplies to motor vehicles to information technology and telecommunications products and services. As an organization within FAS, ITS provides access to a wide range of commercial and custom IT products, services and solutions.

Giovanni Onwuchekwa is an experienced contracting professional with the GSA. As a Branch Chief for Programs & Analysis, he focuses on developing and implementing innovative initiatives and contract offerings that help GSA's federal agency partners get the most value from their IT procurement.

In addition, he also manages IT Schedule 70's business development and communications efforts for the $14+ billion IT Schedule 70 program.

Giovanni is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Drexel University, where he earned his MBA and undergraduate degrees.