Diemle (Le) Phan

Senior Contracting Officer

U.S. General Services Administration

Le Phan joined the U.S. General Services Administration in 2004 as a Contracting Officer for the GSA Region 9 Pacific Rim Assisted Acquisition Division, then transferred to the Enterprise Acquisition Division in 2008. Within the GSA Assisted Acquisition Division, Le supported civilian agencies and the Department of Defense clients procuring information technology, logistical, professional and engineering services. Le has experience in awarding and administering complex acquisitions utilizing the full spectrum of contract types. In her current position, Le is the ANSWER Procuring Contracting Officer overseeing the $25 Billion Government-wide Acquisition Contract; and successfully leading the scope compatibility review team for the Alliant GWAC.

Le began her government career as an intern for the Department of Labor in 1998 working for the Grants and Contracts Division. At the Department of Labor, she has gained experience working with pilot and demonstration programs supporting employment and training missions. In 2003, Le moved to California and worked briefly for the Department of Homeland Security procuring commercial and non-commercial goods and services supporting the Immigration and Customs Enforcement such as guard services and security management.

Le Phan holds a Federal Acquisition Certificate in Contracting (FAC-C) Level 3, and was awarded a Master’s Certificate in Government Contracting from The George Washington University. She received a Master’s Degree in Finance from University of Baltimore, Maryland, a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, and an Associate’s Degree in Nursing.