Keynote Panel

Government Cloud Panel: Cloud Changes Everything

Oct 20, 2015

1:15pm - 2:00pm

Robert Bohn

Cloud Computing Program Manager, Advanced Networking Technologies Division, Information Technology Laboratory (ITL)

National Institute of Standards and Technology


Robert Coen

Program Director


Skip Jentsch

Skip Jentsch

Cloud Service Line Manager, Cloud Computing Project Management Office, Office of Integrated Technology Services

U.S. General Services Administration

From an acquisition perspective, cloud offers a whole new set of opportunities to improve services – and a whole new set of challenges. In particular, as agencies move beyond “Cloud First” to a broader adoption of the cloud platform, they can take advantage of the “as a service” paradigm to improve the flexibility, performance, and scalability of IT services. At the same time, however, they must adapt their approach to cybersecurity, with a focus on leveraging the FedRAMP model to cloud security.

Opening Remarks From:
Joe Brown
Accelera Solutions

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