Session 7C: Cyber Security in the Age of Internet of Things

Apr 12, 2016

2:45pm - 3:30pm

Ryan P. Brichant

Vice President, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) - IoT/Global Critical Infrastructure


Tom Conway [Moderator]

Director, Federal Systems Integrators & Business Development


Daryl Haegley

Control Systems Cybersecurity, OASD Energy, Installation & Environment (Installation Energy)

Department of Defense

Josh Salmanson

Chief Technology Officer for Converged Security, Defense and Security Division


Wallace Sann

Public Sector Chief Technology Officer


This panel will discuss the unique challenges in securing the exploding variety and number of different devices connected to the internet. Panelists include Ryan B, DoD’s working group lead on ICS security, a leading integrator in the field (Parsons), and FE partner with significant experience in the field of IoT/ICS (ForeScout).