There is great pressure on government organizations to make the most of their operating budgets. A significant way to address this challenge is to limit or eliminate waste and the unintended use of public funds. In recent years, the Federal Government has re-doubled its efforts to stop the misapplication of funds—with aggressive programs across many agencies—from the General Services Administration to the Recovery Board to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. With hotlines, expanded Inspector General investigations, anti-fraud tools, and public-private partnerships, the goal is to limit fraud, prosecute criminals masquerading as legitimate providers or beneficiaries, and build systems that make future abuse more difficult and detectable from the outset. Watch this virtual briefing to understand the critical role of information technology in fraud mitigation, and learn about the steps you can take to prevent unauthorized use of your valuable agency resources.

You will learn:

  • Agency case experience with reducing fraud, waste, and abuse of government resources
  • How organizations are leveraging technologies for advanced investigative support
  • The  expanding role of massive data analysis to detect patterns, match partial information, and identify anomalous behaviors
  • How agency inspectors general are using technology for pro-active fraud investigations
  • How to apply specific tools to maximize investigative efficiencies and outcomes
  • Options for process automation, streamlined case management, and seamless, secure information sharing within and among government investigative organizations


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