As the Federal Government workforce and the constituents they serve increasingly transact business online, the defense of sensitive information has never been a higher priority. The American public has become aware of how often government and private enterprises lose control of sensitive and personal information through cyberattack, inadvertent data loss, and poor information management practices. To address these challenges, a primary area for immediate impact is improved personal identity authentication and management of system and access controls. As agencies transition to cloud-based and mobile computing for daily operations, the requirement for ensuring trusted identities has become essential.

Register now to watch this virtual presentation for an overview of risk-based identity verification, methods for detecting fraudulent activity, options for identity proofing, and specific initiatives focused on strengthening individual identity credentials for reliable system and information access.

You will learn:

  • Professional perspectives on risk-based identity verification, methods for detecting fraud, and options for identity proofing
  • An update on government initiatives focused on strengthening individual identity credentials
  • A review of milestones reached for the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC)—and what’s next for 2014
  • Which technologies are converging to make trusted identity more important than ever before
  • Specific examples of agency initiatives to improve personal identity authentication
  • How agencies large and small are strengthening network and data access controls
  • The critical links between identity and access management and cybersecurity
  • How trusted identities are helping to reduce fraud, eliminate duplication, and increase efficiency for scalable benefits programs
  • The dependency of trusted cloud-based and mobile computing on reliable identity, credential, and access management

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