Interactive Demos

Drones, IoT and Star Wars Demo

  • May the force be with you as you watch a drone fly over a Star Wars Lego scene - bringing to life the capabilities of Watson Visual Recognition and Watson IoT platform technologies. Attendees watched as video anomalies and facial detection results were analyzed on our live dashboard running on Bluemix.

Explore our global Watson IoT HQ through VR

  • Be transported to our world's most advanced center for cognitive and Internet of Things for IBM's Clients, Partners and IBMers in Munich, Germany from the comfort of your chair.

The Weather Company Experience

  • Attendees immersed themselves in this interactive wall that brings to life how weather impacts our organizations and daily lives. Attendees learned how weather helps energy companies power on, and brings sunnier sales projections for retailers, and about flying safely and with confidence.

Experience Watson IoT Client Stories and Meet IBM Experts

  • Attendees experienced transformation client stories and discussed ways organizations are improving costs, customers experience, and driving new revenue streams. Business and technical experts were onsite to answer all of IoT questions.