Dr. Leslie Perkins

Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Information Dominance & CIO (SAF/CIO A6)

United States Air Force

Dr. Leslie Perkins is the Deputy Chief Technology Officer for the AF Information Dominance & CIO (SAF/CIO A6). Leslie is responsible for identify and review best-in-class technologies and practices to satisfy missions and requirements. She is responsible to inform AF strategies to address information dominance issues & concerns. Dr. Perkins coordinates with USAF MAJCOMs, Centers, Laboratories, Wings, Groups, Department of Defense organizations, and industrial partners.

Prior to her current assignment, Dr. Leslie Perkins was the Director of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Energy Office. Leslie developed AFRL Energy strategy, coordinated science and technology endeavors across AFRL disciplines, and advocated the AFRL Energy S&T portfolio to AF, Department of Defense, Federal leadership at all levels.

Leslie previously served as the Technical Advisor for the Plans and Programs Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory. She was responsible for the AFRL Investment Strategy, Strategic Planning, and Strategic Alliances. Leslie directed corporate integrated planning and programming to ensure effective solutions development for warfighters’ needs. Dr. Perkins developed the strategic messaging AFRL uses with senior leadership within Air Force, Department of Defense, Federal and international partners.

Leslie served as the AFRL Micro Air Vehicles Lead, responsible for coordinating the research, development, test and evaluation efforts within the Air Force Research Laboratory Technology Directorates, the logistics and operational communities within the Air Force, other Defense organizations, Federal Agencies and international partners.

Leslie began her career as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow at the US Air Force Phillips Laboratory investigating novel rocket propellants for space applications. She entered civil service in 1997 as a physical scientist in the Rocket Propulsion and has held scientist and program management positions.