Marc Wine

Senior Adviser Health IT, Office of Information & Technology

U.S.Department of Veterans Affair Headquarters

Presently U.S.Department of Veterans Affair Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

  •  More than thirty years of experience Managing & Advisory Federal Government and Private Sector Health IT and Policy; Information Technology Collaboration; Business Development Innovation; Health and Policy Systems Planning, Strategic Open Solution Delivery; and Program Management.
  •  Specific subject matter expertise in Federal Health IT Innovation, Community Connected Health Collaboration, Nationwide Health Information Network (NwHIN); IT and Policy Standards Initiatives, Electronic Health and Marketplace cost-efficiencies; Shared Services; Interoperability; and Facilitating Communications Public-Private Sector relationships.
  •  Health IT and Policy Expertise includes: Federal-Interagency and Intergovernmental , VA VistA, COTS EHRs cost-benefits, and HHS Modernization, Private Sector Health Care Accountable Care Organizations Management and Resources new models.
  •  Book Co-author: “Medical Informatics 20/20: Quality and Electronic Health Records through Collaboration, Open Solutions and Innovation,” Published by Jones & Bartlett, January 2007.

US. Department of Veterans Affairs, Headquarters (Federal Appointment/GS)
Senior Adviser Health IT, Office of Information & Technology – Present
Communicating, Analysing and Facilitating the Health IT Portfolio through Collaboration, Open Solutions and Innovations Advising VA Department leadership, focusing on decision making and vital solutions that can create better systems, improve lives, enhance quality, and reduce costs for empowering Veterans and their families to make better choices for healthy living plus supporting economic performance.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) Program, Office of Information & Technology
Directing VA Information Technology and Health IT, Collaborative Innovation

Advising senior VA Department executives for authorizing and executing advanced IT systems innovation solutions, generating shared services in Government and stimulating economic growth with small IT innovation businesses.
Collaborating IT, policy and program analysis and advisory among top VA Department program officials, aligning MyVA Experience strategic objectives, connecting action-relationships, and executing for IT R&D actions as liaison across Federal and private business sectors.
Promoting the adoption Veterans IT cost-savings and quality services, through planning and executing innovation Web cloud-platforms Shared Services, resulting in measuring efficiencies, performance and accountability in VA.
Prioritized IT Open Solutions objectives, validation for eliminating, replacing or enhancing outdated legacy VA IT systems. Exemplary IT Implementations Include: “Medical Device Cybersecurity Standards and Certification for IoT;” and “VA IT Real-time Marketplace Cloud Platform.”
Accomplished goals of Health IT planning in-depth, 19-solutions, portfolio towards enabling Veterans to apply their own data and information, self-empowerment for improved experiences within health, benefits and community- life transition. Scope of success measurement include cost-benefit, IT interoperability and Veteran-centric data and information quality.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Headquarters (SBGT, Inc) 2015-2016 (1 year)
Senior Advisor Federal Health Systems and Health Informatics, VistA Evolution/Cybersecurity.

Leading Cybersecurity SME, VistA Ecryption initiative. Analyzing alternative cybersecurity automated, applications feasible for VistA Evolution or VistA instances Data at Rest, health and business infrastructures. Delivering VA cybersecurity capabilities evaluation/strategy and implementation. Developing cybersecurity solutions approach/plans for implementation VA network-wide; including human resources, engaging labor and techniques testing/assessing/monitoring and training.

eHealthCollab, LLC
President and CEO Established 2014-2016 (2 years)

Lead Facilitating, Precision Medicine Genomics and Pharmacogenomics for Systems & Solutions for Underserved Women with PCOS, genetically related infertility syndrome.
Leading design, development and implementation of advanced health informatics solutions aligned with the private sector health systems, specifically Value-based Purchased Care Management, with Clinical Decision Support.
Developed integrated solution for budget approval for ‘VA Cost Benefits and Health Information Exchange,’ coverage of eligible payments reimbursing private sector hospitals for VA purchased care, Health & Business Informatics, Veterans Choice Act.