Opening Remarks by: Chris Wickman

Senior Sales Manager


Chris Wickman has nearly 30 years in and around the Government both in operational and managerial roles. After spending 14+ years in the US Army, Chris went on to the private sector supporting multiple government agencies. This includes a research and development organization supporting the Warfighter and addressing the many and often disruptive Technics Tactics and Procedures (TTP's) encountered in today's changing landscape on the battle field.

National Defense is not just the battle field, but the protection of our national infrastructure and having a clear understanding of the people, processes and technology is key to protecting critical systems. Chris has become involved in Enterprise Architecture (EA) and is today a Senior Sales Manager for LeanIX, a leader in modern Enterprise Architecture Management solutions that have brought clarity to the people, processes and technologies being used in large organizations. Chris remains focused on delivering technologies that protect and enhance the soldier's capability on and off the battle field.

Helping our Service Members has become Chris’ Why! Chris is still very active in many areas involving transitioning Service Members and supporting his daughter currently serving in the US Air Force.