As Federal agencies are pushed by end users and Federal IT leadership to embrace more mobile devices and applications, specific questions about how to ensure trusted mobile computing have become of paramount importance. Each mobile device connected to a Federal network is a potential access point to sensitive information. If these devices are not deployed with adequate security controls, they expand the agency’s digital footprint and introduce ripe additional attack space for malicious code, unauthorized access, and information compromise.

Watch this On Demand vitual presentation to learn:

  • How agencies can mitigate the multitude of mobile security issues and leverage technologies to protect end points, networks, and data centers
  • Security controls available as agencies expand their enterprise mobility programs to include trusted (and practical) remote work environments
  • Strategies for detecting and combating unauthorized user access and data leakage, compromise or loss
  • Industry initiatives for around-the-clock security, vulnerability, and malware monitoring focused on mobile devices and technologies
  • What tools are available to ensure data protection, compliance with Federal information security standards, and evolving agency mission requirements
  • Risk management trends that impact how mobile computing does and will continue to support civilian and defense missions

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