Brian Depasse

Assistant Director, Cyber Engineering, Architecture and Identity Management

Department of Justice

Mr. Depasse manages a team of cybersecurity specialists, who are responsible for architecting DOJ's cybersecurity defenses, and deploying technology solutions that improve defense and fill security gaps. As government and business move to the cloud and mobile environments, the idea of an organizational perimeter has evolved, so his organization’s focus has moved from protecting the perimeter to protecting the individual assets and the information each contains. In addition, Mr. Depasse manages a software development team that creates applications that help streamline and automate the accreditation process and produce cybersecurity performance analytics.

DOJ is comprised of more than 40 components whose missions span law enforcement, litigation, incarceration, and national security. DOJ’s mission makes it a high-value target for cyber criminals, so the work is vitally important to protecting DOJ's data, information, systems, and personnel, and provides the necessary information to senior leaders to make well-informed, risk-based decisions.