Public sector professionals have enthusiastically embraced new technologies and ways of working to provide reliable constituent services, wherever and whenever they are needed. Whether on-site or teleworking, government employees and the teams they support seek secure and intuitive methods to access and share information across organizational boundaries. The requirements to work more efficiently, and the volume of information received and processed daily, threaten to overwhelm current operating environments and resource-bound agencies.

To expand the scope of how government professionals collaborate and automate information processing , agencies need to move towards using not only text-centric collaboration (including e-mail and instant messaging), but also technologies that enable secure outreach through voice, video, and more.

Attendees will learn:

  • Benefits of and methods to achieve collaboration across agency and organizational boundaries
  • Legislation on the standardization of security measures for Federal computer systems that aim to augment safe, reliable information exchange
  • Effective, current technology integration strategies that secure employee access to sensitive information from remote locations
  • Methods to increase workplace efficiency by leveraging automation and collaboration tools
  • Strategies for optimal output using current technologies--text-centric options such as email and instant messaging and dynamic video and voice applications
  • Primary issues for agencies as they gauge how to incorporate the requirements for secure and efficient telework environments into current enterprise frameworks

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