2014 Fed100

Celebrating 25 years, the Federal 100 Awards are presented to government, industry and academic leaders who have played pivotal roles that affect how the federal government acquires, develops and manages IT.

25th Anniversary Award

FCW's 25th Federal 100 gala included one additional award that was long overdue. Frank Reeder, a 25-year Office of Management and Budget official who has also shaped federal IT from the legislative branch and various non-governmental organizations, was honored for his role in creating the Fed 100.

Reeder, who in the late 1980s was head of the information policy branch at OMB's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, approached the FCW editors about finding a way to shine a light on the good things happening in government. The result -- with its community-driven nomination process, blue-ribbon judging panel, and stand-up comic instead of drawn-out speeches -- was the Federal 100 awards that continue to this day.

Eagle Award Winners

Robin Lineberger
Principal, Aerospace and Defense, Deloitte

Improving IT services acquisition. As co-chairman of the Professional Services Council's Leadership Commission, Lineberger was a principal author of the influential report "From Crisis to Opportunity: Creating a New Era of Government Efficiency." Read More

Dan Tangherlini
Administrator, General Services Administration

Efficiency expert. Tangherlini transitioned from acting status to official administrator of GSA in May without missing a beat. He has fostered a results-oriented IT mentality that is spreading across the government. Read More

Federal 100 Winners

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  • Maj Linus J. Barloon II White House Communications Agency
  • Charles P. Bartoldus National Security Council
  • Gary Bass Bauman Foundation
  • Martin Beckman Smithsonian Institution
  • John M. Bergin II Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Gregg Berman Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Richard A. Beutel, Jr. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
  • Horace L. Blackman Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Doug Bourgeois VMware
  • James R. Brown Department of Defense
  • COL Patrick W. Burden U.S. Army
  • Bryan C. Burnett National Labor Relations Board
  • Michael Butler Department of Defense
  • Jonathan R. Cantor Department of Homeland Security
  • David W. Carroll Department of Homeland Security
  • Josephine Cecere National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • Alan L. Chvotkin Professional Services Council
  • Randall C. Cieslak U.S. Pacific Command
  • Nani A. Coloretti Department of the Treasury
  • James Cook The MITRE Corporation
  • Marilyn Crouther Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services
  • Emery Csulak Department of Homeland Security
  • Michael Daniel Executive Office of the President
  • RADM Robert Day U.S. Coast Guard
  • Kevin Deeley Department of Justice
  • Joseph M. Demarest, Jr. Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • James P. Derr Lockheed Martin
  • Norman Dong Office of Management and Budget
  • Daniel Dougherty EMC Corporation
  • Judith B. Douglas HP Enterprise Services
  • Ivy Estabrooke Department of the Navy
  • Andrew Fairbanks IBM
  • Jane E. Fountain University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Marina V. Fox General Services Administration
  • MG George J. Franz III U.S. Cyber Command
  • Randy Fuerst OCEUS Networks
  • Margie Graves Department of Homeland Security
  • Jennifer Abo Gray Department of Health and Human Services
  • Martin R. Gross Department of Defense
  • Victor Hernandez Department of the Army
  • James Hird Department of the Air Force
  • Jon M. Holladay Department of Agriculture
  • J. Travis Howerton Department of Energy
  • Freeman Hrabowski University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Linda Hudson BAE Systems
  • Adam Hughes General Services Administration
  • Margaret M. Hunt Internal Revenue Service
  • CAPT Trenton A. Janda U.S. Coast Guard
  • Ashwini S. Jarral Integrated Justice Information Systems Institute
  • Alissa Johnson Executive Office of the President
  • Edward H. Johnson Department of Homeland Security
  • Kathleen R. Kaluzienski Department of the Navy
  • Daniel P. Kent Cisco Systems
  • Steven B. Kousen Unisys Corporation
  • Michael E. Krieger Department of the Army
  • Naveen Krishnamurthy RIVA Solutions, Inc.
  • Dawn M. Leaf Department of Labor
  • Eric M. Leckey Department of Homeland Security
  • Naomi Lefkovitz Department of Commerce
  • Robin Lineberger Deloitte, LLP
  • Letitia A. Long National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • David C. Lucien DCL Associates
  • Heather Maloy Internal Revenue Service
  • Donald A. Matheson Department of Homeland Security
  • Maj Gen Earl D. Matthews U.S. Air Force
  • Bernard J. Mazer Department of the Interior
  • Tim McCrosson Office of Management and Budget
  • Angela C. Moore Department of Homeland Security
  • Samara Moore National Security Council
  • Patty Morris Vision Center of Excellence
  • Gregory F. Mundell InfoZen
  • Kenneth L. O'Brien Department of the Treasury
  • John B. Owens II U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Gina Pearson U.S. Energy Information Administration
  • David Peters General Services Administration
  • Karen Pica, PhD Office of Management and Budget
  • Lynda C. Pierce Department of the Navy
  • Magalene Powell-Meeks NASA
  • Denise Rene' Ray Department of Homeland Security
  • COL Scott E. Reid U.S. Army
  • Melinda Rogers Department of Justice
  • VADM Michael S. Rogers U.S. Navy
  • Pallabi Saboo Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC
  • Matthew Scholl Department of Commerce
  • Rory D. Schultz Department of Agriculture
  • Susan M. Shuryn Department of the Navy
  • Michael A. Simcock Department of Homeland Security
  • Nick Sinai Executive Office of the President
  • Thomas Somers Department of the Army
  • Paramvir "Param" Soni Environmental Protection Agency
  • John Streufert Department of Homeland Security
  • Dan Tangherlini General Services Administration
  • Matt Thomlinson Microsoft
  • Lena Trudeau General Services Administration
  • LT William Walders Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
  • Sen. Mark Warner U.S. Senate
  • David Williams U.S. Postal Service
  • Lisa Rachel Wolfisch U.S. Census Bureau
  • Brig Gen Kevin B. Wooton U.S. Air Force
  • Pamela S. Wright National Archives and Records Administration