• Budget

    White House details 2019 R&D priorities

    The administration is directing agencies to lean more on the private sector and to tilt their future research and development priorities -- and dollars -- toward defense technologies, border security, economic growth, efficient health care and low-cost energy sources.

  • Workforce

    Oversight chairs probe political activities of feds

    The chairs of two congressional oversight committees want answers about agencies' policies on granting unpaid leave requests to employees for campaign activity.

  • Congress

    Senate bill bans joint cyber initiative with Russia

    The intelligence authorization bill also mandates a governmentwide plan to combat election hacking and makes changes to personnel policy for cyber professionals.

  • Cybersecurity

    White House advisory group warns of '9/11-level cyber attack'

    A private-sector cybersecurity advisory committee wants the U.S. to pivot to a higher state of readiness when it comes to preventing catastrophic cyberattacks.

  • Comment

    Managing the risks of data sprawl

    A formalized risk framework can help agencies gain control of their entire information lifecycle.

  • AI

    Should robots kill?

    Over 100 robotics and artificial intelligence experts worldwide warned the United Nations about a future of war that includes autonomous killing machines.

  • Drones

    Drones and weather balloons team up in Arctic tests

    A national laboratory paired drones and weather balloons to try to improve Arctic weather data collection.

  • Cloud

    Does the IRS have a cloud strategy?

    Congress and watchdog agencies have dinged the IRS for lacking an enterprise cloud strategy seven years after it became the official policy of the U.S. government.

  • Intelligence

    Trump names top IC CIO

    CIA open source leader John Sherman has been tapped to serve as CIO of the intelligence community.

  • Data

    Watchdog dings DHS data efforts

    The Department of Homeland Security needs to do a better job implementing its data strategy, says the agency's inspector general.