• New IT policy lead at OMB

    Sean Casey will be taking over as chief of policy, budget, and communication under the federal CIO from Jamie Berryhill, who is moving to a new post.

  • Acquisition Matters

    Knowledge is power in software purchasing

    The agency software inventories required under the draft category management policy will be treasure maps that lead to efficient, effective, streamlined buying and unprecedented savings.

  • Veterans Affairs

    LaVerne Council drills in on her to-do list

    The VA CIO sat down with FCW to discuss her agency’s reform efforts, new initiatives and relationship with Congress.

  • Congress

    Email privacy legislation stalls in Senate

    The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding off on further action on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, as members are divided on warrant standards for email intercepts.

  • Defense

    Army readies new cyber directorate

    Brig. Gen. Patricia Frost, former deputy director of Army Cyber Command, will lead the new directorate. The Army hopes to ramp up the directorate quickly, reaching full operational capability this summer.

  • Congress

    Proposed new HHS CISO role prioritizes security

    A bill would elevate the Department of Health and Human Services CISO to be on a par with the CIO. Some in Congress think the move would eliminate a conflict of interest.

  • Critical Read

    Pentagon leads in IoT spending

    Sensors have primarily been a military affair, according to a new report, but civilian agencies could stand to gain from data collectors.

  • Contracting

    Sandia Labs management contract officially up for grabs

    Multiple proposals are expected for the contract to run the Sandia National Laboratories starting in mid-2017.

  • White House

    Hackathon, policy moves designed to apply tech to foster care programs

    The White House launched a two-day hackathon to develop better data tools for foster care providers and social workers and announced a host of policy initiatives to back up the effort.

  • Congress

    Cummings nixes theory that contractor discovered OPM breach

    More than a year after the massive hack, a senior lawmaker has determined that the OPM breach was not, in fact, detected by a small business doing a product demonstration.

  • Oversight

    IG: OPM still lacking in planning for IT overhaul

    The report is the latest in a series of scathing assessments of the Office of Personnel Management's IT practices from the agency's inspector general.

  • Cybersecurity

    Is Social Security concealing IT risk?

    The agency charged with maintaining some of the nation's most sensitive information is vulnerable because of its antiquated IT, and lawmakers say its leaders are downplaying the danger and sidestepping their inspector general.