Volume 2 Issue 24 August 18 1996


HQ, regional offices set to kick off FAST

SCO offers Unix package


Be careful with post-federal employment and annuities

System tracks time, attendance

GAO under the gun to deliver study on widespread contracts

PLGR explosion injures one, prompts safety measures

Treasury flips switch on $425M communications system

The customer's in the driver's seat

Shifting landscape requires training

Money woes return FAA to square one

GSA adds IT policy division

DEIS II fees to fund training

As financial management systems strain, agencies eye COTS relief

Microsoft taps NSA's expertise in federal SNA market

Tracking procurement reform regulations


NSF focuses on high-speed networking applications

Democrats in Chi'town

Lockheed Martin lands $900M Air Force pact

Agencies to tap omnibus vehicles for Year 2000 gear

Netscape still dominates in federal marketplace

Ocean advocate dives into data


Fed Sources debuts tool for C3 business

20 vendors win NIH contracts

NCSA to certify Web sites

Searching for tools to save time in Year 2000 solutions

Finding the right browser for the right job

Micron aims to prime on federal contracts

Agency CIOs: More than half have been approved

Air Force Net woes

IBM, NCR win $218M USPS pact


Time is slipping away on Year 2000 fix

DOD memo seeks costs by Sept. 15

GSA prints final guide for X.500 directory

Orders begin to flow through ITOP pipeline

Procurement reform: A grand experiment with good prospects

Vendors push 150 MHz models

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