Volume 2 Issue 7 March 31 1996


Fiscal '97 request hits the street

GSA to add systems integration to B/C sked

Telos, ZDS ship dual Pentiums to Bosnia

DOD rewrites book on IT buys

Momentum builds for Pentium successors


DOD's C4 budget slides, IT remains the same


JetForm lands role on National Guard Bureau's RCAS

Campaign Web pages for the history books

Who will pay?

MegaDrive inks fed reseller pact with EdgeMark

Bill would merge statistical bureaus

Paralon offers encryption product

Also this week at FOSE...


Hughes, Sun win AF buy

Gateway 2000 unveils Destination presentation system at FOSE

Windows 95 installs easily?most of the time

PC-Based Servers

Dell, Panasonic debut notebooks

Agencies must publish plans to ax federal publications

One if by air, two if by E (mail)

New business line puts GSA on billion-dollar FAST track

Treasury's move to AT&T sparks Sprint protest

Handy Devices: New Keyboards and Mice Take Users' Hands to Heart

Competition or market allocation: the $1.5 billion bet

Harris/Teledata satellite system offers voice service

FAA threatens prime with pact termination

DOD amends DISN pact; Hill members call for delay

GTSI expands NIH product line

DOJ snags Argentine hacker

SSA to modify mainframe buy

Tech infrastructure gets $600M overhaul

INS courts airlines for help tracking foreign visitors


NRC nabs first revamp award

JetForm to ship Web products

Under what conditions do miscertifications matter?

Technology divergence: DMS and the rest of the world

OFPP plan would offer one source for agency data

Rule changes signal new freedom for FAA

Fed redress system needs overhaul, GAO finds

70 B/C renewals move quickly for most firms

Rival OSes experience market ups and downs

Frank keeps DARPA on cutting edge

Six data centers enough, says study

NIH considers early follow-on pact

GAO comes down hard on Cyberfile; doubts system will work

Spending cuts spur feds to mull capital budgeting

White House pushes PBO plan

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