Volume 3 Issue 40 August 31 1997


New Technology and Business in the Civic Sector

No self-promotion on Kerrey, SEAL sites

Navy delivers ground-to-air target imagery

Federal Bytes

DOD orders info-assurance review

Fed employees can test career skills online

Fortner fine-tunes gear for federal data mining

NIH probes options for opening governmentwide contracts to D.C.

civic.com News Shorts

A Lesson Plan for Educational IT

SBA proposal would promote joint ventures

EdgeMark inks BPA with NIH

Vendors build on 440LX chipset

Sperry Marine, NIMA team on ocean chart project

Workflow technology buries business processes in applications

Telcos dispute capacity-shortage claims on DTS-C

International Banking Goes Local in Florida

Visio offers software upgrade, pursues federal customers

FAA officially awards IT upgrade pact to Harris

A taste of its own medicine

Two firms craft solutions to date-fixing dilemma

Sometimes We Need 'Big Brother'


Can contract proposals be released under the Freedom of Information Act?


Open GIS Consortium ratifies software interface standards



FEMA mulls offering electronic maps

Employees at HUD lose background-check case


DOJ proposes rules under information act

Installing an Electronic Town Crier

PeopleSoft to announce 5-year deal for applications suite

Project Management Software Demystified

Saving money with credit cards

USPS taps Lockheed for $700M scanner buy

HCFA cancels pact; rethinks MTS program

Report on Web site hack: This is what not to do

Skeds loom large in IT 'open season'

Air Force purchase will challenge bidders

CBD Watch

FAA's Tuttle glides toward future

Atlantic Fleet prepares ship-to-shore network

V-Squared opens configuration center

Plan afoot to allow credit for GSA schedule purchases

Group says few fed sites protect privacy

Ships' old computers show need for Navy IT overhaul

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