Volume 4 Issue 10 March 1 1998


Rubin says Treasury needs $453 million for Y2K fix

DOD bolsters its Bosnia comm setup

Three more government Web sites hacked

LOC's overhauled site tells America's story

Bell Atlantic wins GAO contract

Costs to agencies escalate as computer misuse increases

IBM unleashes 333 MHz Pentium II workstation

Three Army Web sites hacked

USDA details plan, systems to rein in mismanaged telecom

Document management vendor officially enters federal market

GAO report sheds little light on costs of pension system switch

Six vendors compete for charge card business


Federal Bytes

CDC contract to expand its HIV/AIDS database

Report: NWS' key modernization project to cost hundreds of millions more

NIH, Friendship Computer settle ECS II complaint

Report slams DOD's Y2K efforts

NASA teleconferencing system to hasten spacecraft design


Labor added to critical list in latest Year 2000 report

Reno unveils center to protect infrastructure

NARA releases interim records-management policy

Bid protests reappear, but decisions should not cause alarm

OAO builds management solution

Industry Watch

Thousands of federal computers attacked

CIOs' blueprint makes Year 2000 top priority

CDC Awards $33M Contract to Expand HIV Database

Kodak adds high-end camera to DCS 500 Series

Eicon targets agencies with ISDN modem

DOD, GSA unveil dueling nets

OMB report urges agencies to use commercial EC products

DOD adds attack capability to infowar

BTG focuses on engineering

Gansler says IT savings will help modernize nation's defense

FAA works with controllers to solve unsafe STARS design


Secure Messaging

A Legal View: What are rules when compatibility is limited?

CINEMA sales fall flat at GSA

Administration revamping Access plan

Sprint adds new interactive toll-free service to FTS 2000

Bill would give USDA CIO greater IT spending latitude

FAA requests $388M to test advanced air traffic control

Hazzard links users without wire

Agencies must use return on investment to judge IT buys

GTSI begins assimilating BTG product business, employees

GSA releases local phone service RFP amid congressional concerns

Cybercenter will trace net intrusions

Court asked to save feds' digital files

Don't compromise spectrum stake

End GPO's print monopoly

Novell preps Net-friendly release of NetWare

Latest data refutes FAA claims on Year 2000


Cops Have Trouble Funding Wireless Efforts, Need More Room on Radio

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