Volume 4 Issue 13 March 15 1998


Toshiba gives new look to Equium line

Telecom fee rankles cash-strapped agencies

OMB responds to Year 2000 criticism

LOC seeks more funds

CyberMedia unveils beefed-up Repair Engine for Workgroups

SCO introduces 64-bit version of Intel Unix

Vendors display wares, innovative technologies

SEC gets Year 2000 warning

IRS establishes BPA for Dell PCs

Recruits use smart cards for supplies

What would constitute industrial espionage?

Group issues framework for storing electronic records

DOD envisions 'system of systems'

GIS Power Politics

Do we Need a Spatial Data Superagency?

DOD extends vendor registration deadline

Federal Bytes

How Much Should Computer Support Services Cost Your School District?

New remote-access software eases telecommuting woes

Strategic planning in government: mistakes and misconceptions

NIH adds leasing to 3 pacts

Private comments imperil fed's employment


Transition to FTS 2001 network has agency users worried

VINES grows new functions, Y2K compliance

Cylink sells wireless division to P-Com

OFPP's strategic plan falls short in providing needed guidance


NASA's CIO boosts missions

Army launches $1 billion wholesale logistics project

Census accuracy counts on automated offices

Army to award leasing, peripherals pacts

Raines, Young win Eagle Awards

Infosec vendors build test bed for COTS solutions

Community Transit Systems

Wang, Microsoft extend partnership

Outsourcing decision-making

Roadway Design: Tool Lets You Pick Your Platform

DISA chief says GCCS to shift to Windows NT

Industry Watch

A trip to DOT's Web site offers transportation lessons

Visionics unmasks face-recognition tech

The 1998 Federal 100 Judges

NARA guides agencies in digital file disposal

Labor's site sets up virtual meetings

DOJ scraps large-scale JCON rollout

New team good news for procurement reinvention forces

Prime Partners

ERDAS software performs NITF translation

Union backers fight bill outsourcing IT

FMS launches trial for digital checks


European ATM vendor teams with Timeplex

Plan blends C3 office with intelligence, recon

Government, industry must hammer out rules of engagement

CIO Council official slams NIST's security response

New solutions fix problems small & large

Clinger-Cohen? A work in progress

DOD wields smart weapon


DOD taps Netscape for security

1998 Eagle Awards

Curtis tapped for Y2K post

NASA, DOE help Ukraine avoid nuclear disaster

Virginia Rep. Tom Davis Plans new Cooperative Purchasing Push

How are mapping services acquired?

DOD pushes ahead with PKI pilot

Former professor lands at NTSB

Two reports urge feds and industry to cooperate on EC

White House mulls Year 2000 legislation

FBI to expand computer intrusion reporting program

Computer system abuse soars

Maine Video System Eyes Small-Business Development

Davis plans to resurrect cooperative purchasing

More Americans filing taxes electronically

1998 Federal 100 Winners

Lotus integrates voice, Internet in SmartSuite


Cybercenter Will Trace Net Intrusions

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