Volume 4 Issue 24 April 5 1998


Notebooks from Digital, Toshiba feature mobile-ready Pentium IIs

Senate establishes special Y2K committee

Audit mess tied to schedule woes


HUD halts IT maintenance work to support Year 2000

Contract success sparks thoughts for MAIQ follow-on

Federal Bytes

Fastlane steers AF base network traffic analysis

FAA, industry team on LAAS

Gauss lays out IT plans for Spawar


Switched Ethernet emerges as high-speed LAN favorite

IRS wants flexibility in modernization effort


New satellite signals improve civilian use


NSA report details risks of key-recovery technology

Asymetrix ships course management software

CA adds remote-control technology options

Net Sentinel offers to file agencies' archiving woes

Letters to the Editor

New Federal Program to Respond to Mass-Destruction Threats

McKeever fine-tunes AT&T org

Army awards three BPAs for PC wares

Agencies, industry slow to embrace commercial practices

Interagency office to respond to weapons of mass destruction

Industry Watch

Taking reform efforts to school

IRS rightly slams misuse of information

GAO: Financial information at risk

New rules address Y2K worker shortage

CBD Watch

Hill proposes $200M more for Year 2000 fix

USPS unveils first online postage software, more to come

Agencies ramping up outreach programs

HP slashes technical workstation prices

FTS chief stands strong on services

Locate GPS info on Coast Guard site


Compaq enters Gigabit Ethernet switch market

Army picks three vendors to provide peripherals, software products

Cyber. Covered.

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